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Students' Contests

Every year, the Concours Relève allow Bachelor's students in communication, marketing, administration, advertising, or design to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired by working for real clients.


Following an agreement with the Réseau APCM, who was previously in charge of overseeing the contests, the A2C will be taking over the helm. These contests are a natural fit for the A2C and its mission of ensuring a strong next generation of workers suitably equipped for the labour market.



As part of the Relève Communication contest, participating students will have to develop a concrete integrated communication plan for a client/advertiser. They will have to oversee a real mandate and budget.


As part of the Relève Marketing contest, participating students will have to develop a concrete marketing plan for a client/advertiser. They will also have to oversee a real mandate and budget.


During the process, students will be supported by industry professionals (from the client and the agency) and teachers designated by university faculties. This experience will also provide them with a great opportunity to extend their professional network of contacts.


The winning teams from both contests will be revealed during a special event dedicated to celebrating the next generation of workers. A maximum of two (2) internships will be drawn from among the winners: one in a participating agency, the other at a client.

  • Teams can include a maximum of six (6) students per university. They must be on the point of graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree (50 accumulated credits).
  • For Relève communication, we recommend that teams include different skillsets: design, writing, administration, management, etc. The goal is to include various profiles, just like in an agency.
  • Each team must be supported by a teacher designated by the faculty.
  • Universities agree to give three (3) credits to each participating student, or the equivalent of one course.
  • The Relève Communication and Relève Marketing contests were launched in 1990 and 1999, respectively.


  • Following an agreement with the Réseau APCM in September 2017, the A2C will now oversee these contests.

2020 Winners

Relève Communication

La Renverse team, from ESG UQAM, in collaboration with the UQAM Faculty of Communication


Made of Caroline Lacroix (coach), Chloé Désiré, Antoine Cormier, Gabrielle Larocque, Gabrielle Bergeron, Catherine Lagacé and Jean-Christophe Diaque.

Relève Marketing 

Co.cus team, from École de gestion of Université de Sherbrooke


Made of Guillaume Thibeault, Véronique Caron, Josiane Picher, Anne Guérinel (coach), Odélie Gagnon-Proulx, Frédérique Laperle et Constant Blain.

2021 Edition

More information to come in September 2020.