A Message From The Chair of the Board

We’ve still got a lot of work ahead if we want to reposition our profession as communicators and be successful in an economic world that is still trying to redefine itself.

Now, more than ever, our clients require expertise. We can contribute a vision of their context that is economic in nature and relies on our capacity to innovate in order to help them meet their business challenges head on. Unfortunately, this specific role we can play is not widespread. It is not promoted enough within our own communications and marketing industry.

We are agents of change. We see the world in a way our clients do not. This remains our strength. We have an obligation to keep contributing in this way and to regain the creditably that has been taken away from us by other industries. This is a task that requires rigour and consistency. It also necessitates solidarity in our vision of the industry: solidarity in our business presentations and the responses we give to requests for proposals. We must remain united in our calls upon governments, innovative in our operational structures and methods, authentic in our exchanges. We must also accept the conditions of our market, appreciate what big, medium, and small agencies bring to the table. Without this diversity of organizations, our industry would not be whole and would not be able to serve clients and their consumers.

However, we’ve made progress.

Performance metrics platform is a tool that allow us to harmonize the nomenclature between stakeholders. This makes communication and assessing the impact of our initiatives easier. We are in the beginning stages of this process but each one of us must encourage this kind of dialogue on a day-to-day basis within our teams and with our clients.

Consulting with clients for requests for proposals leads to positive results. We must continue to promote this kind of service with individual clients and associations. We will perfect our Agency Selection Guide to reflect the changes in the market and to promote it as an efficient tool.

Our meetings with elected officials are also beginning to bear fruit. We will continue to represent our interests and will maintain the pressure on these officials to ensure that the public perceives creative communications as a major industry, an economic driving force that needs to be fostered, respected, and supported.

This year also marks the end of my term as Chair of the A2C’s Board of Directors. I would like to thank my colleagues on the Board for their trust and their support over the past four years.

And a special thank you to the team at the A2C who have supported me in my work and have done everything they can to carry out the initiatives we adopted.

I also want to take this opportunity to invite all our members to get involved in the future of our association. Our members’ dedication, communication, and support are necessary to make progresses in our industry.

François Lacoursière


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