Association des agences de communication créative

Professionnal Ethics

By becoming a member of the A2C, agencies agree to comply with a Code of Ethics and Standards of Quality to guide their daily professional actions and promote the best practices within the industry.


Working with a member of the Association is showing your respect for the communications and marketing profession and gaining access to the highest quality standards.


Standards of Quality

The agency member of the A2C undertakes the following:


  1. To promote and to apply within the company standards of the highest quality in both professional and commercial terms.
  2. To respect existing laws and regulations in the best interest of both customers and consumers.
  3. To respect agreements with the employees, collaborators, partners and suppliers who participate in the design, production and management of the various campaigns produced.
  4. To comply with the rule of absolute confidentiality governing the transactions, exchanges of privileged information and other situations specific to the mandates entrusted.
  5. To abstain from disparaging the work of competitive firms in public or near customers and other speakers.
  6. To avoid any conflict of interest in relations with customers, partners and suppliers.
  7. To propose a fair remuneration to customers for work to be done and to respect the mandate and agreements regarding this.
  8. To provide customers with unbiased advice free of any influence from suppliers or the media.
  9. In response to an invitation to tender, to respect the rules of the game established by the customer and not try to bypass the specified process to influence the decision of the selection jury.
  10. Not to try to influence an elected official or anyone under his or her authority in order to obtain contracts outside the official tender process.