The past year has been a busy one for the Association. In addition to our regular duties, we’ve carried out several studies in order to build an exhaustive and accurate picture of the industry and to collect useful information related to your training needs – all while taking on the various challenges facing agency executives. These initiatives perfectly mirror the Association’s two objectives: act for the collective good and provide professionals in the creative communications sector with tools they can use in the future.

The pilot project, which was developed in collaboration with the Conseil des directeurs médias du Québec (CDMQ), is a way to mobilize the industry’s actors while uniting our voices to ensure decision-makers are listening to our needs. On a related note, over the past year we’ve deployed greater efforts to raise media awareness about your reality as experts, while pursuing our work to represent our interests in meetings with elected officials, specifically regarding the TCDE. Thanks to your support, these efforts will continue over the next few months.

During the 3rd edition of the Leaders’ Summit, we promised to undertake our first study on the financial health of agencies in order to provide you with relevant data on the topic. With your collaboration, we were able to achieve this – key figures will be revealed at the General Assembly.

Our industry is also facing major challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining talent and in terms of professional development. A cornerstone of our industry, talent is the key to our success and we need to pay special attention to this issue. To this end, in the spring we carried out a sectoral study on the industry’s labour and training needs. The study was financed by the ministère de l’Emplois’ Direction du soutien opérationnel au développement de la main d’œuvre. Nearly 60% of our member agencies took part in this study which assessed the current situation and outlined possible solutions. Our next objective will be to obtain the kind of support that meets our needs, specifically increased financing to develop skills and maintain the level of talent in our sector.

Moreover, a work committee is currently finalizing the overhaul of the Agency Selection Guide, scheduled to be published in 2020. The goal of this new Guide, which will be more succinct and easier to use, is to reinforce our ability to support advertisers and achieve even better results, all while mobilizing members around the principles set forth therein.

And that’s not all. Numerous major projects were finalized over the course of 2018-2019, such as the creation of a bipartisan committee to pursue negotiations with the UDA; a Hall of Fame ceremony attended by 170 industry professionals; the Concours Relève which continues to be a success; the implementation of several training activities for our members, including our first Master Class – and many more. This report will give you an overview of the issues we’ve been working on over the past year and the ones we will continue to take on in the next year on your behalf.

What does the future hold for us? We’ve come to a huge decision in the past few months and we have created a contest that encompasses the various disciplines of our industry. You all contributed to this achievement by unequivocally expressing your desire for change. The new formula, inspired by your comments and the most high-profile national and international contests, will celebrate the wide pool of talent in our industry and raise awareness among Quebec’s business community and beyond. This is a structuring project for the A2C and for the industry as a whole. Its profits will be reinvested in initiatives that foster the next generation of workers. We are counting on your support to make this project a success!

These achievements and undertakings are only made possible thanks to my formidable team. I want to thank them for their unwavering dedication and commitment. Thanks to them, the next year will also be full of successes and pivotal projects. I also want to acknowledge the members of the various committees who have contributed their time and support. And I want to thank every member of the Board of Directors for their involvement, with a special thank you to outgoing Chair Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken, with whom we have undertaken major projects. Over the past year, he has demonstrated he possesses the qualities of an exceptional leader.

Dominique Villeneuve
President and CEO



Be the voice of Quebec’s agencies for clients, governments, and other key players by providing solutions to the issues that directly impact the vitality of the communications industry.

Agency selection process

Support for clients in the preparation of their agency selection process and interventions when they do not follow the industry’s best practices.

  • Action plan to improve the public’s understanding of our services and achieve better results.
    • publication of the 2018 summary of the agency selection processes
    • promotional campaign on our social media channels
  • Overhaul of the Agency Selection Guide in collaboration with a working committee (launch scheduled for 2020).
Representing the industry

Meetings with elected officials to facilitate access to the Tax Credit for the Development of E-Business (TCDE).

  • ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation;
  • ministère de la Culture et des Communications;
  • ministère des Finances;
  • ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale;
  • Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor.

Participation in the provincial government’s prebudget consultations to correct tax inequities related to the TCDE program and to request greater investment in marketing to help local companies.

Participation in the strategic consultation as part of the Plan d’action 2018-2021 Montréal inclusive at the invitation of the Mayor of Montreal.

Promotion of agency members as part of the Digital Support Program of the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail (CQCD).

Involvement on various committees and advisory services:

  • Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC)
  • National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS)
  • Conseil du patronat du Québec;
  • Factry, school of creativity sciences
  • Advertising standards
Partnership with the Conseil des directeurs médias du Québec (CDMQ)

Objective: to ensure greater representation and collaborate more closely to generate better results with various key players of the ecosystem.

  • Implementation of a special contribution for media agencies associated with a creative agency or a network to facilitate access to the A2C membership.
Collective agreements with the Union des artistes (UDA)

Beginning of the negotiations for the renewal of the Internet and New Media (INM) agreement that expired in April 2018.

Agreement with the Union des artistes (UDA) to create a bipartisan APC-UDA committee in order to update the TV/radio agreement and ultimately increase original production in Quebec.

Interpretation and support services for producers regarding requests for waivers, negotiation of special cases, and the regulation on claims and grievances.


To support executives in overcoming their business challenges thanks to relevant tools and data and to keep offering training programs that take into account the needs of the industry.

Leaders’ Summit

More than 80 executives gathered for the third edition of this event. Several agency representatives took the stage to share their experiences and vision in order to help their peers innovate in the face of common challenges. This year’s topics included managerial courage, the agile method, performance metrics, and economic models of tomorrow.

Training activities

Exclusive training activities to update knowledge and/or optimize agency management skills.

  • Introduction to the APC-UDA collective agreements Canadian regulation on advertising alcoholic beverages and foods (Advertising standards)
  • Update regarding the AdChoices (DAAC) program
  • Contracts of engagement for spokespersons, artists, and creators (LJT)
  • Master Class in Creativity with Keith Reinhard
  • Cannabis advertising (Advertising standards)
  • Intro webinar to Academos
  • Copyrights, image rights, trademarks in advertising (LJT)
  • Agency finances in 2019
  • Efficient pitches and capturing your audience’s attention (INIS)
  • Canadian regulation on advertising alcoholic beverages and foods (Advertising standards)

Collaboration with educational institutions to ensure that programs meet the realities of our industry.

  • Factry: promotional support and involvement with the content committee as co-founder of the school
  • UQAM: participation in a consultation to assess the marketing communications undergraduate program
Study and surveys

Sectoral study on the needs relating to training and labour, in collaboration with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT) and Université de Sherbrooke

Agency Talent Compensation Survey, in collaboration with the ICA

Survey on industry contests, in collaboration with the CDMQ and the Société des designers graphiques du Québec (SDGQ)

Survey on bank holidays and summer vacation

Collaboration to update the study titled “Les industries créatives : catalyseurs de richesse et de rayonnement pour la métropole” by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM).


  • Survey on agencies’ financial health (summer 2019)
  • Marketing Relationship Pulse in collaboration with the ICA (fall 2019)
New tools

Template for requests for proposals for clients

List of main tax credits, subsidies, and financing programs that are relevant and accessible to agencies

Information briefs about the new federal law on the divulgation and handling of security breaches, as per the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

  • Tools to help companies comply with these new obligations

Information brief about the Autorité des marchés publics (AMP), now responsible for the application of laws and regulations governing the awarding of government contracts in Quebec

Performance metrics platform

Informational webinar held in November 2018 in collaboration with Les Affaires to help the business community become familiar with performance metrics and to help them understand the benefits for companies

  • 219 participants, mostly on the client side


Showcase the expertise of members and the industry to current and potential clients and attract talent to agencies by fostering interactions with the next generation of workers.

Online presence
  • 60 097 sessions
    (+35,1 %)
    at a2c.quebec
  • 6 585 followers
    (+8,3 %)
  • 1 708 followers
    (+36,3 %)
Public relations

Hiring of a PR firm to intensify our efforts.

  • More than 40 mentions in media, including media designed for the business community

Photos of Les grandes entrevues in an ad appearing in La Presse+.

Speeches during STRAT, Boomerang, and CRÉA gala events

Panel hosted at the RDV Marketing event

Booth during the Plateforme(s), Expo Entrepreneurs, Tendances³, RDV Marketing, and Salon Connexion events.

Hall of Fame
  • (Left to right): Dominique Villeneuve (A2C), Pierre Lalande (Cinélande – Ally profile), François Duffar (Navilon – Builder profile), Jean-Jacques Stréliski (HEC Montréal – Beacon profile) and Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken (Board member of the A2C and Havas Montréal).
  • More than 170 industry professionals were present at Cinélande for the Les grandes entrevues event to pay tribute to the nominees..
Industry contests

Deliberations about the contests

  • New contest in October 2019. Top priority in 2020.

Effie Canada

  • In June 2018, CASSIES merged with the international network of the Effie awards. Conversion launched by ICA and support from the A2C to promote participation and to showcase Quebec agencies. Three agencies stood out during the first edition:
    • 1 GOLD award and Grand Prize: Loto-Québec/Sid Lee
    • 3 BRONZE awards: lg2/Tourisme Montréal, Publicis Montréal/Duceppe and Sid Lee/Van Houtte
Concours Relève

Relève Communication

  • Team: Pop Up from ESG at UQAM in collaboration with UQAM’s faculty of communications
  • Client: Sports Experts
  • Agency partners: Touché! in collaboration with Rethink
  • Volunteer coordinator: Jean-Hugo Filion

Relève Marketing

  • Team: Topaze Consultation from HEC Montréal
  • Client: Kombi
  • Volunteer coordinator: Joanne Nantel
Agency Open House Day
  • 570 students
  • 56 agencies
  • 7 bursaries awarded
  • First year collaborating with the Alliance des cabinets de relations publiques (ACRPQ)


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