The period we’ve just gone through was nothing if not unique. But it served to remind us all of the importance and power of an association like A2C. Because although our agencies operate in a competitive market, an unprecedented crisis like this one calls for solidarity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged all of us into uncertainty, both economically and socially. The A2C team quickly pivoted in order to support its members in facing challenges.

We harnessed creativity, the cornerstone of our industry, to tackle our own business hurdles and help us adapt to the new reality. First off, I’d like to thank and congratulate Dominique Villeneuve and her team for their unflagging resilience, dedication and kindness towards members.

Moreover, thanks to their tireless work, A2C was able to carry out large-scale projects that promise to shape the future of our industry.

In particular, I’m thinking of the Mouvement Média d’ici and the Manifesto for Responsible Media Practices, in collaboration with CDMQ. For the last few years, we’ve been reflecting on our support of local media through our influence on advertising investment. It’s a source of pride for me and for all the architects of this movement to have put forward concrete objectives in a coordinated manner. I would invite all of you to be ambassadors for the movement within your own agency.

In terms of major projects, who could forget the very first edition of the Idéa awards, which allowed us to honour the very best in the industry, in every discipline. With over 1,200 entries, the enthusiasm was matched only by the logistical complexity—in under a year, we had to invent and then reinvent the concept surrounding this new celebration of Québec creativity.

This year was also marked by necessary discussions about diversity, inclusion and anti-racism. As a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, A2C took a stand against racism and all other forms of exclusion, which led to a strategic plan for diversity and inclusion, as well as webinars and industry roundtables. The topic also became a priority for the board of directors, and we will pursue our efforts surrounding this issue in the coming year.

In this time of crisis, we saw our clients turn to us to help them navigate the storm, and we were able to demonstrate our critical strategic value. I find a certain comfort in the idea that each of our agencies and our industry as a whole will have a pivotal part to play in the relaunch and that we can contribute to defining the new normal.

Louis Duchesne


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