Getting started

The work of creative communications agencies is all around us: on the metro, in our cupboards, on TV, on our smartphones... But what goes into creating this work remains a mystery, and it’s not exactly something you can easily explain to your aunt at a family reunion. Working at an agency is full of surprises. There’s never a dull moment, and all kinds of things happen here that couldn’t happen anywhere else. That’s agency life!


“ That’s how I got the nickname Strat007. ” —Suzy Truong


“ Yes, I’ve been the conductor
of a milk carton choir. ” —Joël Auchu


“ It’s kind of my fault that you’ve had “Oublie pas ton masque” (“Don’t forget your mask”) stuck in your head forever. ” —Julie Desrochers


“ I’m going to tell you who’s behind the Igloofest yeti. ” —Karl-Frédéric Anctil


“ I ended up with full access to the Instagram accounts of Migos and Cardi B. ” —Frédéric B. Mercier

Account services

“ I work for... Voldemort. ” —Camila Hadji