Association des agences de communication créative

Open House Day

Agency open house: a hands-on experience!


Every year in early February, over 50 agencies in Quebec with diverse profiles open their doors to more than 500 students in university and CEGEP to give them a taste of the industry.


With this initiative, the A2C wants to demystify the world of agencies and shine a light on the career opportunities for these young leaders of tomorrow by providing them with a hands-on in-house experience.


The concept is simple: students who sign up will be put into groups and assigned to an agency where they’ll spend half a day getting to know the world of advertising and communications.


Exceptionally, the 2021 Agency open house took place in virtual format. 


Next edition: February 2022

See a recap of the 2021 edition:

Frequently asked questions


Who can sign up?

Students in CEGEP and university who are majoring in a field of studies related to marketing, advertising, communications, public relations, graphic design, digital, etc.

Are you in another field of study? Sign up for the experience: agencies love meeting students from different academic backgrounds.

How do I sign up?

In December 2021, a registration form will be made available for the next edition to be held in February 2022. You will then need to:


  • Pay the registration fee (tax included).
  • Fill out the registration form: You’ll receive the link once the transaction is complete. The form will help us know more about your profile and will allow us to pair you with an agency that corresponds to your interests.
  • Wait for the confirmation: When your participation will be confirmed, you’ll find out which agency you will be visiting. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a spot due to the popularity of this event. If that is the case, you will be fully reimbursed.
Why do I have to pay to take part of this activity?

Every year some students who have registered for the event fail to show up without giving prior notice. The registration fee is designed to encourage them to honour their commitment and make them aware that their absence negatively affects the activities prepared by the agencies. Funds raised will be used for scholarships and participating students who answer a survey after the activity will be entered into a draw to win these scholarships.

When will I receive my registration confirmation

Your participation will be confirmed on January, 2022 at the latest. At that time, you’ll find out which agency you will be visiting. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a spot due to the popularity of this event. If that is the case, you will be fully reimbursed.

Can I cancel my registration?

In an ideal world, please try to honour your commitment. Agencies will have prepared activities in line with the number of students they are expecting. In addition, if you do not notify us of your absence, you are preventing another student from taking part in this activity.


Let us know as soon as possible if you can’t make it due to an emergency by writing to so we can find another student to take your place. We will reimburse your registration fee via Eventbrite (you will receive a confirmation via email).

Refund Policy

Please note that you will only be reimbursed if 1) you notify us before January 22 that you would like to cancel your registration, or 2) we cannot find you a spot in one of our participating agencies.



Which agencies participate in this event?
The agencies taking part in the 2022 edition will be announced shortly. The list is different every year, but it remains a diverse one. Small, medium, and large agencies, integrated or specialized (advertising, media, design, digital, etc.) Fermer
Where in Quebec is this event being held?

The 2022 Open House will respect the health measures in place at the time of the event. We will confirm later this year if the event will be held virtually only or in a hybrid format.

In what language will the event take place?

Most agencies have prepared a presentation in French.

How many agencies will I be able to visit?

One or two agencies, but in depth! You will be matched with one or two agencies depending on the preferences you registered when you registered.

Can I choose the agency? How do you pair us up with agencies?

The A2C takes care of pairing you with an agency that matches your profile and availability.


You might not know the agency, but trust us: every agency that participates is thrilled to meet you and wants to share their experiences with you!

What will we be doing during the open house?

Each agency will offer their own unique experience!

Guided tour, presentation of the industry and the agency, case studies, question period. Some agencies will even challenge you with some simulations! Be ready for anything!

How many people will be in my group?

The size of the groups depends on the agency’s choice.

Can I bring my resume?

Although the event format makes it impossible to deliver your resume in person, you should have a copy in hand, so you can note all the speakers' tips. Also, it’s up to you to make your mark during the virtual meeting with your agency.



Can I register my entire group for the activity?

We hope you strongly encourage your students to sign up for this activity, but we want it to be the participant’s decision and we therefore only allow individual registrations. The objective is simple: because space is limited, we want to make sure motivated participants get to take part.

Moreover, a career in an agency requires initiative. Making the first step to register for the activity is a good learning experience for the students!

Will my group be together at the same agency?

No. We want to create diverse groups in order to combine different talents and profiles.


However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to organize a presentation specifically for your group on life in an agency (whether in the classroom or at an agency):