While this past year was like no other, there was a certain continuity with the one before—the health crisis that had suddenly disrupted our lives turned into some kind of marathon. And during these unprecedented times, a number of social issues—amplified by the pandemic—recaptured the public’s attention.


These complex issues require a deep awareness on our part. Especially since our industry can have a considerable impact on some of the challenges our society is facing.

Attuned to these realities, the A2C has focused on active listening and proactivity when it comes to the needs and challenges of its member agencies. Led by Dominique Villeneuve and her team, the association has managed to launch inspiring, well-designed initiatives that will play a defining role in shaping the future of our industry. I’d like to thank and congratulate the A2C team for their great work.

More specifically, I tip my hat to the organization and to the members of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee on the drafting of the very first industry-wide DEI policy. It provides the solid foundation needed for us to continue our reflection and keep moving towards a culture of inclusion, as well as to ensure our values are firmly rooted in everything we do as an organization.

We are also delighted that the Council of Quebec Media Directors (CDMQ) has merged with the A2C. By grouping agencies that are active in all areas of marketing communications, we’re making our voices—and our actions—louder and stronger, including in our support of local media.

Moreover, this past year further highlighted a major challenge that we have to tackle together—the labour shortage. So, our aim is twofold: retain the talent currently working in our industry despite the many opportunities arising in other sectors, and gain a better understanding of the needs and drivers of the next generation, which holds the key to our long-term success.

This new generation of marketers will bring a new perspective that will help us further our reflection and evolution. After all, our industry prides itself on being connected to the culture, open-minded and adaptable. I hope that we can collectively seize this opportunity to offer our successors a stimulating experience that reflects our know-how, and take concrete steps that will change the face of our industry.

The A2C owes its vitality to the support and commitment of our member agencies. We’re confident and optimistic that our industry will enjoy continued success and overcome whatever challenges lie ahead by leveraging our greatest strength: our creativity.

Louis Duchesne


  • 26,564
    of the Agency Directory at a2c.quebec
  • 3,755
    at the 2021 Idéa Awards Show
  • 2,124
    of the Mouvement média d’ici webpage
  • +1,330
    in activities for young professionals
  • 347
    interpretation advisory services
    for collective agreements
  • 347
  • 35
    training activities, webinars, and workshops
  • 16
    clients advised
    on the agency selection process
  • 15
    new members
  • 5th
    of the Leaders’ Summit
Défense d'intérêts


The A2C is the voice of Quebec’s creative communications agencies and represents them before advertisers, governments, and other key players while providing solutions to the issues that directly impact the vitality of our industry.

  • Representing the industry

    Several steps were undertaken to raise awareness about the challenges and financial hardships facing agencies during the pandemic. Meetings were held with:

    • the Ministry of Culture and Communications
    • the Secrétariat à la communication gouvernementale
    • the Ministry of Economy and Innovation
    • the Ministry of Finances
    • the Government of Canada


    • Presentation of a brief as part of the review of the Status of the Artist Act in collaboration with the Association des producteurs publicitaires (APP) and the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA).
    • Efforts to make sure that governmental assistance programs during the pandemic met the needs of member agencies.

    Collaboration with key organizations to raise awareness about the economic impact of our industry. Partnerships with:

    • the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM) to organize a panel for Le pouvoir économique de la créativité (September 2020)
    • Montreal International to raise awareness about its service offering promoting recruitment abroad
    • the Conseil du patronat du Québec (CPQ) to develop and share remote working tools and prevent workplace harassment

    Involvement within various committees and advisory services:

    • Ad Standards
    • Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC)
    • Bénévolat d’entraide aux communicateurs (bec)
    • Choix Pub
    • Bec
    • Normes de la publicité
    • Représentation de l’industrie
    • Représentation de l’industrie
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

    Following the presentation of the action plan in the fall of 2020, the A2C surveyed its member agencies in spring (in collaboration with Concilium Capital Humain) in order to assess the state of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our industry. The results were presented at the Leaders’ Summit which also featured a presentation and a training activity on unconscious biases for agency employees.

    A DEI advisory committee was also created to support initiatives and to help implement the A2C’s action plan.

    The A2C’s DEI policy is another step in the right direction. This policy is proof of the commitment to promoting a culture of inclusion and its pledge to align its actions with its values.

    A policy template was shared with member agencies to allow them to create or bolster their own internal policy.

    Read the A2C’s DEI policy

  • Mouvement média d’ici

    • IMI Numérique

    As part of the Mouvement média d’ici launched in the spring of 2020, the A2C and the Conseil des directeurs médias du Québec created the Guide to Responsible Media Practices and the Local Media Index. These new tools will be used with the aim of doubling the amount of money invested in local media by 2023. This would result in more than $200 million per year invested in Quebec’s ecosystem.

    Guide to Responsible Media Practices
    Designed by and for media professionals, this tool is intended to serve as a guideline to responsible media approaches for supporting local media while benefiting advertisers and consumers in a socially, culturally, and economically positive way.

    Local Media Index
    This tool was designed to showcase the proportion of digital and total investments dedicated to local media. It is intended to help industry players take tangible actions to meet the goals outlined in the Guide to Responsible Media Practices.

    Launch of the Guide and the Index

    • Two informative webinars led by a committee of experts who helped develop the tools
      • +125 total participants
      • +75 views online
    • Approximately 15 mentions in media outlets, including an article on the Panier bleu website.

    Find out more

  • Agency selection process

    • Supporting clients of all sizes and in a variety of sectors to prepare their agency selection process and help them adopt the best practices to this effect. Fewer interventions took place this past year but most of them led to improvements in the process.
    • Consultation with member agencies to make recommendations to the Centre d’acquisitions gouvernementales in response to its call for tenders for advertising mandates of over $500,000.
    • Ongoing review of the Agency Selection Guide to update and simplify the process.
  • The CDMQ joins the A2C

    Over the past two years, the A2C and the CDMQ have been closely collaborating to improve their outreach and raise even more awareness about the media industry. A pilot project was successfully carried out to assess the possibility of merging both organizations. The integration agreement was officialised in June 2021.

    Next steps:

    • Create a permanent media committee to oversee projects that are specific to this field
    • Quarterly meetings with media agencies to discuss specific projects and challenges
    • Quarterly newsletter about media issues
    • Collaboration for the 2022 Idéa Awards (Media discipline)
    • Pursuit of initiatives in line with the Mouvement média d’ici
    • CDMQ
  • Advertising production

    Collective agreements with the Union des artistes (UDA):

    INM negotiations and the bipartisan committee for the TV/radio agreement were suspended due to the pandemic. The Association des producteurs conjoints (APC) expects work to resume in the fall of 2021.

    Meanwhile, an agreement was reached with the UDA for the implementation of an official process for waivers when artists take part in pro bono projects.

    Free interpretation services about collective agreements for producers remain available.

    COVID-19 :

    Ongoing collaboration with the APP and the UDA to share regulations and recommendations related to health and safety measures for ad shoots.

    • UDA
    • APP Guide Covid-19


The A2C took proactive measures to keep its members informed and rolled out targeted efforts during the pandemic. A new free training program is now available for members.

  • Support during the pandemic and economic recovery

    • Newsletters and memos sent to members to keep them updated about the evolution of health measures
    • Several surveys sent to assess the situation in the industry
    • Development of a program focused on post-pandemic challenges and opportunities for the Leaders’ Summit (spring 2021).
  • Leaders’ Summit

    The 5th edition of the Leaders’ Summit was a bit different than previous versions. It took place over three virtual meetings in April and May 2021. This year’s themes were: The future of agency work, The industry’s position, and The economy of the future.

    More than 80 agency executives gathered for each meeting to discover the results of the surveys and studies, to get inspired by speakers, and to discuss our industry’s newest standards with peers.

    Highlights: opening remarks by Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation, as well as a panel of representatives from major Quebec media outlets.

    • Sommet des dirigeants
    • Sommet des dirigeants
    • Sommet des dirigeants
    • Sommet des dirigeants
    • Sommet des dirigeants
    • Sommet des dirigeants
  • Training activities

    New funded program created specifically for agency professionals to promote continuous development with more than 35 training activities.

    Major themes:

    • Management
    • Leadership
    • Media
    • The history of advertising in Quebec
    • Business development

    Other topics:

    • Understanding the APC-UDA collective agreements
    • Workshop on ethics and workplace harassment (Juripop)
    • Introduction to advertising production (L’inis)
    • Compliance with the Canadian Code of Ad Standards (Ad Standards)
    • Informative webinars about the Guide to Responsible Media Practices
    • Equity, diversion, and inclusion: training on unconscious biases

    • Formation
    • Formation
  • Studies and surveys

    • Survey on the impacts of COVID-19 and the situation in agencies
    • Survey on the impacts of CEFRIO closing
    • Study on equity, diversion, and inclusion
    • Survey on the remuneration of talent in agencies
    • Survey on the current state of recruitment, attractiveness of agencies, and the return to the office
    • Study on new operational processes in creative communications agencies
    • Global survey on DEI
    • Survey on employer brand positioning (perception of executives and employees)
  • New tools

    • Guide to Responsible Media Practices and Local Media Index
    • Notices on health measures (work environments and filming locations)
    • Remote work policy template
    • Equity, diversity, and inclusion policy template
    • Exclusive offer for Tedy benefits program
    • Reduced rate for five services provided by Grenier

    In addition to existing tools, including the A2C’s contract templates

See all the services provided by the A2C and the benefits of being a member

Services aux membres


The A2C showcases the expertise of member agencies through various initiatives and shines a light on their contributions in and outside the industry. The A2C also helps the next generation of workers discover the myriad career opportunities available in our industry.

Online presence

  • 164,721
    Sessions at a2c.quebec
  • 7,995
    Facebook followers
  • 4,328
    LinkedIn followers
  • 1,850
    Instagram followers
  • Public relations

    • 33% increase in mentions about the A2C and its initiatives in media outlets compared to last year
    • Public stances in several industry and business media outlets
    • Presentation during Le pouvoir de la créativité event (CCMM)
    • Presentation of the Guide to Responsible Media Practices and the Local Media Index in collaboration with the CDMQ during the Sommet 100 % local (Infopresse)
    • Collaboration with bicom for press relations
    • Participation in the Jeux de la communication as a discipline sponsor
    • Relations publiques
    • Relations publiques
    • Relations publiques
    • Relations publiques
    • Relations publiques
    • Relations publiques
  • Challenge: talent

    The A2C began a strategic approach to recommend solutions to the challenges of hiring and retaining agency employees. Its goal is to develop an employer brand position for the entire industry in order to reach out to more potential candidates and improve engagement with current employees.

    An action plan is currently being implemented to recommend solutions and address the issue of labour shortage. Promoting the notion of hiring abroad and showcasing the possibility of agency careers in schools are part of the A2C’s short-term solutions.

  • Idéa Awards

    The 2nd edition of this initiative created by the A2C, in collaboration with the Société des designers graphiques du Québec (SDGQ) and the CDMQ, celebrated the talent of our industry’s professionals, artists, and clients after a difficult year. Due to the pandemic, the health measures and the requirement of social distancing, each step of the contest took place virtually this year.

    New this year:

    • Change to the Digital products and experiences and Business results and strategy categories
    • Webinars to help candidates prepare their applications (description of categories and case studies)
    • Preliminary jury for Business results and strategy
    • Video excerpts showcasing the winning projects during the awards ceremony
    • Virtual event to foster discussion between representatives of companies who won major awards (in french).
    • 1,200
      projects submitted
    • 384
      including 172 brands from here and abroad
    • 8
      preparatory webinars
    • 6
      Grands Prix
    • 1
      special edition of Grenier Magazine
      (in french)


    • Promotional campaign: Publicis Montréal
    • Awards ceremony
      • Production: Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau (Champagne Club Sandwich)
      • Editing: Chop Chop
      • Sound design: Supersavant
      • Visual design: Gimmick

    Watch the awards ceremony that took place on June 16th, 2021 (in french)

    Opening video | 2021 Idéa Award ceremony (in french)

    • Concours Idéa
    • Concours Idéa
    • Concours Idéa
    • Concours Idéa
    • Concours Idéa
  • Hall of Fame

    The Association will pay tribute to the extraordinary careers of Jacques Dorion (Builder), Thérèse Paquet-Sévigny (Beacon), and Robert Ayotte (Ally) in the fall of 2021. A video revealed the names of the nominees to the Hall of Fame during the Idéa Awards in June.

    • Jacques Dorion
    • Robert Ayotte
    • Thérèse Paquet-Sévigny
  • Concours Relève

    Relève Communication

    • Team: Debout from ESG at UQAM, in collaboration with UQAM’s faculty of communications
    • Client : IGA (Sobeys)
    • Volunteer coordinators: Jean-Hugo Filion (Cossette) and Pascal Routhier (Rethink)

    Relève Marketing

    • Team: HEXAltant from HEC Montréal
    • Client : BRP
    • Volunteer coordinators: Joanne Nantel and France Wong (Bleublancrouge)
    • Relève Communication
    • Relève Communication
  • Agency Open House Day

    • 487
    • 35
    • 8

    • Partnership with the Alliance des cabinets de relations publiques du Québec (ACRPQ) and Grenier recrutement
    • Event entirely online for the first time
    • New: Opening panel featuring young professionals in agencies and the first 100 people to register gained access to a webinar where a professional recruiter shared tips.
    • Portes ouvertes
    • Portes ouvertes
    • Portes ouvertes
    • Portes ouvertes
  • Le monde de la comm.

    New! A series of virtual conferences took place to help students discover various careers within the creative communications industry and to provide guidance for their academic journey. These took place from October 26th to November 4th, 2020. The goal was to reach a younger audience who was not necessarily familiar with our field.

    • 900
    • 34
      conference speakers
      and panelists
    • 8

    Watch the conferences (in french)

    • Le monde de la comm.
    • Le monde de la comm.
    • Le monde de la comm.
    • Le monde de la comm.
    • Le monde de la comm.
    • Le monde de la comm.
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