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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The business world is rapidly changing and evolving. To recruit and retain top talent, it is essential to promote inclusive and supportive practices, business culture and work environment for your team. 


You will find various tools and resources below to help you along the way.

Internal process

After a few roundtable discussions and activities last fall, A2C has developed a plan of action. Another step was taken towards ensuring everyone’s inclusion by implementing A2C’s EDI policy. This policy was adopted unanimously by the board of directors who are committed to supporting the growth of its members and embodying the association’s values and culture. 

EDI policy

Our EDI policy is our commitment to maintaining an inclusive culture by adopting practices that help us build and manage interpersonal relationships in our communications, the services offered to our members as well as our interactions with partners and providers.


We invite you to read our policy (available in French only).


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy 


EDI policy template

The Association also encourages its members to implement their own EDI policy. To do so, a EDI policy template is available via the Member Access.


Online resources 
  • Pre&ent

We celebrate a diverse & inclusive society [ethnocultures — gender — ages — morphologies — +] authentically. Our mission is to bring together a collection of images and offer advices to reflect the vast kaleidoscope of Canadian society, communities, realities and experiences.

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  • Équilibre

Image bank of diverse people (size, ethnicity, etc.)

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People Of Colour in Advertising And Marketing was founded as an industry organization in 2020 by Alyssa Dominique, Stephanie Small, Joshua Richards, Julian Franklin, Justin Senior and Gavin Barrett. A steering committee leads POCAM’s mission to empower BIPOC advertising and marketing professionals so they can succeed in a systemically white working environment. Initiatives include the Call for Equity and the Visible & Vocal study.

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  • State of the industry: An assessment of progress in diversity, equity and inclusion across the global advertising industry

This report from the Unstereotype Alliance, produced in collaboration with WARC and Oxford University Business School, examines diversity in the advertising industry in 2021.

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  • hue 

Hue is a community-centered nonprofit organization built to amplify voices, increase visibility, and pave career paths for Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC).

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  • Unsafe. Unheard. Unvalued.

Hue partnered with The Harris Poll to uncover data & insights on the challenges faced by Black, Indigenous, people of color at work, along with the toll it takes on the collective health of individuals and organizations.

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  • Race, Equity, and Power at Work par Harvard Business Review

Section of the Harvard Business Review dedicated to equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Features a variety of articles on best management practices, realities of diverse employees, intersectionality and related concepts.

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  • Centre de ressources de l'Institut ÉDI2 de l'Université Laval 

The resource centre was created out of a need to gather resources specific to equity, diversity, inclusion and intersectionality in one place. It is the result of extensive collaborative work with the ÉDI2 Institute, RIQEDI, FSA ULaval and the community of practice and has been designed to provide you with a vast collection of documents and tools specific to equity, diversity and equity issues.

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Training and conferences 

Are you interested in organizing trainings or conferences to familiarize your team with concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion? Find out about organizations and events that might interest you.


  • Concilium |  Hubert Makwanda, M.Ed, CRHA

Hubert M. Makwanda has more than 25 years of experience in the field of organizational development and executive training. He describes himself, first and foremost, as the one who brings people together. Using original approaches, he helps organizations and leaders find efficient solutions to their issues and challenges by making use of collective intelligence.​​

Discover Concilium


  • Burney Consulting | Sema Burney, MBA, CPA et Karen Diaz, M.Ed

Burney Consulting offers customized training and facilitation programs in both English and French. We work closely with our clients to develop relevant training adapted to the work culture of each organization. We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt to regional differences, paying particular attention to the distinct needs of the Quebec market.

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We offer occasional equity, diversity and inclusion training to our member agencies. All available trainings and conferences are listed in our Events Calendar.



Coaching and organizational transformation

Are you looking for long-term resources that can support you in a thorough organizational transformation process? Here are some resources that might interest you. 


  • Concilium | Hubert Makwanda, M.Ed, CRHA

Concilium has been created in response to an insistent call I heard throughout the years working with people and organizations. Our raison d’être is to assist decision-makers, employees, and entrepreneurs in the success of projects that involve change management and skills development, in harmony with their values.

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  • Uena

Uena is a social impact agency specializing in governance and community relations. We exist to help organizations redefine how to turn their values into tangible and inclusive actions. We offer PR and governance services to help organizations realize the growth potential of connecting with a diversity of people.

Discover Uena 


  • Urelles
We are experts in the strategy and implementation of talent attraction and retention policies. We help companies implement solution-oriented strategies to create inclusive and equitable cultures. We approach equity, diversity and inclusion as essential business practices, designing strategies that foster change at a structural level while empowering individuals to create more inclusive cultures every day.

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  • nabs

nabs offers a suite of services that starts with the nabs supportline which is a service accessible 24/7/365 which is professionally run, confidential and completely free and available to all professionals in the media, marketing and communications industry.

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