Association des agences de communication créative

Before Changing Agencies

Ask yourself this important question : is changing your agency really necessary?


Often, requesting a few simple adjustments from your current agency is enough to start fresh while pursuing a business relationship that’s more representative of your existing needs. Don’t forget that selecting a new agency requires time and money, for the selection process itself and the subsequent steps.


Even though it might be tempting for you to pick another agency, it’s generally preferable to stay with your current one and, if needed, ask the team to take corrective measures so you can continue a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.


In order to continue your long-term relation with your agency, you can periodically evaluate your partnership using criteria established ahead of time with your business partner. Don’t be afraid of letting them know your needs and expectations!


Before going any further in the agency selection process, here are few things to keep in mind:


  • The time and resources needed to prepare the request for proposals and evaluate agencies
  • The loss of institutional memory and the history of collaboration with your previous agency
  • The time and money invested (which are often significant) by participating agencies and the subsequent increase of their operating and production costs
  • The new agency’s learning curve
  • The transition period and time required for your previous agency to transfer files to the new agency