Association des agences de communication créative

A Four-Step Process

Finding the right marketing communication agency is a crucial step. The Agency Selection Guide for Advertisers and Agencies is a tool that will help you make the right choice through a simple, efficient but competitive selection process.


This Guide was developed by the A2C in order to answer numerous questions and comments raised by advertisers and agencies looking out for a practical document that could help them with their agency selection process. It is intended to help build a business partnership conducive to the success of advertisers and the financial health of agencies.


This practical tool contains recognized best practices, and will provide you with step-by-step guidance in your search for a new agency.    

The Agency Selection Guide contains 3 sections:  

Guidelines for advertisers

A four-step selection process is proposed:


  1. Foundations of an efficient agency selection process
  2.  Preparation of an agency selection process
  3. Issuing a request for proposals and agency selection by excluding any speculative work (strategic and creative)
  4. Conclusion of the selection process and transition to a new agency

Guidelines for agencies

  • You have received a call for interest or a request for proposals: what do you do?
  • Your agency is among the finalists: how do you optimize your presentation in line with the potential client’s needs?
  • An overview of issues such as speculative presentations, the importance of contracts, and the agreements essential to the creation of a harmonious and long-term relationship between advertisers and agencies.


  • List of potential needs
  • Example of an evaluation grid
  • A request for proposals by invitation or open to everyone?
  • Example of a solicitation letter for a request for proposals
  • Speculative presentations
  • Cultural compatibility
  • Manage the process internally or seek outside assistance?