Association des agences de communication créative

Hall of Fame

The A2C Hall of Fame celebrates outstanding individuals who have left their mark on the communications marketing industry in Quebec.


Every year, the A2C inducts into its Hall of Fame great visionaries from different professional backgrounds. These remarkable individuals have, in their own way, stood out within the Quebec field of communications marketing thanks to their exceptional contribution to the industry’s excellence and vitality.



The Hall of Fame aims to highlight the following professional profiles:


  • Builder: awarded to a senior executive for their overall contribution to the industry
  • Beacon: awarded to a communications professional who has inspired others through their creativity and strategic thinking
  • Ally: awarded to a partner for their commitment to the industry

Recipients are selected by members of the A2C’s board of directors during a day of deliberation.


In line with the association’s repositioning and in order to highlight various professional profiles, the A2C Hall of Fame now replaces the Prix Hommage, awarded since 2013. All the details about this announcement can be found in the french version of the press release

2021 Edition

The next edition of the Les grandes entrevues will be held in the fall of 2021. For a preview of the winners, watch the 2021 winners teaser video highlighting Jacques Dorion (Builder Award), Thérèse Paquet-Sévigny (Beacon Award) and Robert Ayotte (Ally Award). (In French only).



2019 inductees



François Duffar - Builder profile

Chairman and CEO - Navilon

Former President of Groupe Cossette

Awarded to a senior executive for their overall work throughout their career.


« François Duffar has made his mark both in the communications industry and the business world. As one of the individuals responsible for Cossette’s impressive national growth, he was able to attract major clients to the agency as well as premier talent. He was able to inspire these individuals and to this day, they still think of him as a mentor. An influencer and pioneer, he has had an incredible impact on numerous people who now work in agencies and elsewhere in the communications industry. To this day, he still supports multiple causes and emerging entrepreneurs. »

Jean-Jacques Stréliski - Beacon profile

Adjunct professor at HEC Montréal, Department of Marketing

Educational Director of the DESSCM

Contributor to the Pôles de recherche Mosaic et Médias

Columnist with Revue Gestion

Former Director of Creation at Cossette Montréal, BBDO, Taxi, and Publicis

Awarded to a communications professional who has inspired by their creativity and strategic thinking.


« Jean-Jacques Stréliski is a creator, a source of inspiration, a teacher and someone who is able to popularize advertising. He left his mark in several agencies, including Cossette, BBDO Montréal, Taxi, and Publicis, helping each of them significantly grow their creative offering. He was responsible for several campaigns that have marked Quebec’s advertising landscape and he has always known how to attract, motivate, and train an incredible number of talented individuals. Today at the HEC, Jean-Jacques Stréliski continues to transmit his passion to the next generation of communicators. »

Pierre Lalande - Ally profile

Founder of Cinélande

Awarded to a partner for their dedication to the industry.


« As the founder of Cinélande, Pierre Lalande has had a major impact on the world of advertising and on directors. After spending several years working in agencies, he founded Quebec’s first production company dedicated to advertising. This accomplishment is a testament to his vision, boldness, and entrepreneurial spirit. Since its creation, Cinéland has produced countless unforgettable messages while supporting new talented directors in Quebec, many of whom now enjoy international careers. Today, Pierre Lalande continues to rely on his expertise and network to support a variety of remarkable causes. »

Podcast with the interviews

Past recipidients

Michel Ostiguy, Builder profil 2018

Michel Ostiguy

Co-founder of Bos agency and former CEO of DentsuBos

Michel Ostiguy had an enormous impact on how our industry approaches creativity, strategy, media creativity, entrepreneurship, and client relations. His mark has been felt throughout Quebec’s advertising landscape and he is always ready to put his experience and extensive network to the service of other innovators and the many causes that are dear to him.

Daniel Rabinowicz, Beacon profile 2018

Daniel Rabinowicz

Senior executive at Cossette Montréal/Toronto and Taxi Montréal/New York

Founder of BEC - Founding member of DESSCM

A strategic planner through and through, Daniel Rabinowicz made his mark during a crucial phase for Cosette. He had a huge impact on its management, strategy, and advisory services and also played a key role in Taxi’s leadership and growth in the U.S. His work has also benefited the advertising community as a whole: he was the president of the AAPQ (now the A2C), he introduced the D.E.S.S. in marketing communications at HEC Montréal, and he launched the Quebec chapter of the National Advertising Benevolent Society, the Bénévolat d’entraide aux communicateurs (BEC).

Pierre Savard, Ally profile 2018

Pierre Savard

Founder and General Manager of the Centre d'archives publicitaires

As the head of the Centre d’archives publicitaires, Pierre Savard has been nearly single-handedly preserving the history of Quebec’s advertising industry. For the past 20 years, he’s been accumulating, categorizing, and digitizing various archives. But more importantly, he’s made these archives accessible to as many people as possible, including those in the industry, members of the media, and academic researchers.

Yves Gougoux, Builder profile 2017

Yves Gougoux

Chairman, Publicis Canada

Both a pioneer and a builder, Yves Gougoux helped redefine the industry throughout Canada. This incredibly determined businessman has achieved an impressive number of accomplishments throughout his career. He is focused on securing the future and growth of his company while contributing to several causes and organizations, including supporting emerging leaders.

Pierre Delagrave, Beacon profile 2017

Pierre Delagrave

President of Cossette Health | One of the founders of Cossette and numerous business units

Pierre Delagrave is involved in a constant quest for innovation, an endeavour that has motivated him to ceaselessly push the boundaries of the profession. He is an extraordinary pioneer and visionary. A brilliant popularizer who is gifted with irreproachable rigour, he has designed numerous tools that are still being used in the industry today and has also demonstrated great generosity towards the next generation of leaders.

Normand Grenier, Ally profile 2017

Normand Grenier (1945-2017)

Founder, Grenier aux nouvelles

Normand Grenier was an outstanding ‘networker’, but he was first and foremost someone who was truly devoted to the marketing and communications industry. He contributed to informing this industry and was also invaluable to helping it come together. He demonstrated an openness and sincere interest for other people, especially for tomorrow’s leaders and emerging companies.

Claude Lessard, Builder profile 2016

Claude Lessard


Through his pioneering spirit and leadership, Claude Lessard has guided Cossette throughout the years and transformed it into one of the most prominent agencies in Quebec.

Jean Morin, Beacon profile 2016

Jean Morin 


Through his sense of innovation, Jean Morin has influenced the best practices in our field and has also contributed to the development of numerous professionals and companies in Quebec.

Bruno Gautier, Ally profile 2016

Bruno Gautier


Through his commitment to the industry and impressive business acumen, Bruno Gautier has made Infopresse a positive force for the dynamism of our business community.

Nicole Dubé, Laureate 2015

Nicole Dubé

Director marketing for 30 years for Les Producteurs de lait du Québec
Paul Lavoie, Laureate 2014

Paul Lavoie

Co-founder of TAXI agency
Madeleine Saint-Jacques, Laureate 2013

Madeleine Saint-Jacques

Chairwoman of the Board, Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R