Association des agences de communication créative

Collective Agreements

The Joint Producers Association (APC) is in charge of negotiating collective agreements for producers as per the Act respecting the Professional Status and Conditions of Engagement of Performing, Recording and Film Artists.


This group comprises the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C) and the Institute of Communications Agencies (ICA).

2012-2015 TV/Radio Commercials Agreement

Download the agreement: In French| In English


This agreement expired on August 31, 2015 but the parties involved are currently in negotiations to renew the agreement. Until a new agreement is in place, the terms and conditions stated in the expired agreement are still valid.

Internet and New Media (INM) Commercials Agreement

Download the agreement: In French | In English


The first collective agreement between the APC and the UDA for the production of ads intended for the Internet and new media (INM) went into effect on April 1, 2016. The agreement is valid for two years. A decision rendered on December 5, 2015 ended negotiations that had been ongoing since October 2009.


The provisions of this collective agreement shall remain in effect until the signing of a new agreement.


Consult our press release to find out more about this significant development.

Key elements of the INM Agreement

  • A new compensation formula for artists differentiating recording fee from use fee for INM Commercials.
  • An hourly rate for recording (session fee) in line with the artist’s function.
  • Use fee that take into account the size of the target audience, the broadcasting territories, and the language of the ad.
  • The possibility to use an INM ad in publications circuits, movie theatres, closed circuits, public halls, as well as on TV and the radio. In the two latter cases, the artists will be paid at the rates indicated in the TV/radio Commercials Agreement.
  • An unrestricted use of pre-existing material (stock footage) produced by a third party for which a use licence has been paid.


Note: Please refer to the INM Collective Agreement for complete information. 


If you have any questions about the collective agreements, please contact:

Isabel Poirier, Corporate Affairs Advisor 514 848-1732 ext.204