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Montreal, May 14, 2020 – The A2C and the CDMQ launched the first manifesto for responsible media practices to highlight the importance of investing in local media and to rally the entire industry around this issue.

Media financing has been an issue for a long time, but the situation has gotten worse since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Advertisers only spend 14% of their digital media budgets on local media, while the rest goes towards global platforms. The manifesto promotes one objective: double the share of digital budgets spent on local media in the next three years. 


“Achieving this objective would draw in over $200 million per year into our Quebec ecosystem, thus boosting the health of local media and creating locally made content. The A2C is very proud to take part in this unprecedented movement in collaboration with the CMDQ,” said Dominique Villeneuve, President and CEO of the A2C.


This manifest has a lofty goal: reassert the importance of investing in local media to convince the greatest number of players in our industry to get involved. A number of actions are planned to achieve this goal. First, encourage the industry to adopt this manifesto so that advertisers, agencies and media partners can discuss solutions specific to each player. Then, a practical guide for responsible media will be developed and distributed, followed by the creation of a Quebec laboratory to study the issue more in depth along with an educational component.


You can read the manifesto at To join the media movement and raise awareness in the industry, download the icon to show your commitment.


“Over time, major modern marketing trends have led to the advertising industry underinvesting in local media. It is imperative and possible to take action to preserve a strong and sustainable Quebec media ecosystem that reflects and perpetuates our culture, and satisfies our thirst for quality information and our democracy. We know it is possible to do so while maintaining the marketing standards in place to generate the best business performance for advertisers,” stated Alain Desormiers, Vice-President of the A2C and Founder of Touché!


“This is a unifying project that will finally make our associations’ desire to support local players a reality. This manifesto will significantly mobilize our industry and will most certainly make various players aware that everyone has a role to play in responsible media practice and to achieving this common goal. We are proud to have launched this manifesto with the A2C and especially for the difference it can make with our member agencies and their clients getting involved,” added Véronik L’Heureux, President of the CDMQ and Senior Vice-President of Publicis Media.


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