A Guide And Index Launching To Support Local Media Through Responsible Practices

Following the Manifesto for responsible media practices, launched in May 2020, A2C, in partnership with the CDMQ, created the Guide to Responsible Media Practices and the Local Media Index.


The Guide to Responsible Media Practices is designed for media professionals, both agencies and advertisers. It is intended to serve as a guideline for a responsible media approach by supporting the local media ecosystem while benefitting advertisers and consumers in a socially, culturally, and economically positive way.


The Local Media Index showcases the proportion of digital and total investments made in local media. Its purpose is to highlight the advertisers and agencies’ dedication to raise awareness about the Movement and to take concrete action.


The launch of the Guide and Index is the next logical step of the Movement and those two initiatives are additional tools that will encourage investment in local media. Our support as an industry is essential and we are committed to reaching the objectives that we had set.


  • Dominique Villeneuve, President and CEO of the A2C.

We strongly encourage all media professionals to use these tools which will help reinforce how important it is for advertisers to invest in local media. We all have a role to play and the Index is a tangible way of measuring our individual and collective contribution.


  • Véronik L’Heureux, President of the CDMQ and SVP, Managing Director at Publicis Media.

These tools were developed to reach the goals that were set in the Manifesto for responsible media practices, which aims to double the amount of budgets for local media over the next few years.  If these objectives are met, more than $200 million per year will be invested in our ecosystem. A committee of media experts (Luis Areas, Alexandre Simard, Marie-Christine Simard, Alain Desormiers, Axel Dumont, and Danick Archambault) took part in creating the Guide and the Local Media Index.


Download the Guide and show off your Index.

Explanatory webinars

On February 17 and 24, take part in the one-hour webinars that will present these tools and answer your questions. Register now.