CASSIES 2017: 6 Quebec agencies rewarded!

For the second year in a row, the prestigious CASSIES awards highlighting the effectiveness of advertising campaigns has rewarded six Quebec agencies (Cossette, Publicis Montréal, Sid Lee, TANK, TAM-TAMTBWA, and TAXI) in recognition of the outstanding business results generated by their campaigns.


The awards ceremony was presented jointly by the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C), the Réseau APCM, and the Institute of Communication Agencies and took place on February 22 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto in the presence of industry professionals.


The judges, 14 experienced marketing and communications professionals, handed out a total of 44 prizes, including 7 Gold, 19 Silver, and 17 Bronze. This year, the Grand Prix was awarded to Ogilvy & Mather and Kimberly-Clark for the Huggies – No Baby Unhugged campaign. 


“The Grand Prix is awarded to a campaign that stands out through its strategic thinking, the solutions proposed, and the results obtained. In this specific case, the judges were impressed with the way the campaign was able to leverage two great strengths (commerce and community) in a precise, engaging, and tangible way,” said François Lacoursière, Co-Chair of Judging and Executive Vice-President at Sid Lee.


Here is a summary of the awards given to six Quebec agencies and their client:


Brand reawakening

  • Sid Lee and Loto-Quebec for #youshouldplay649
  • TANK and Reitmans for Reitmans. Really.


  • Cossette and McDonald’s Canada for Max67
  • TANK and Reitmans for Reitmans. Really.


  • TAXI and Meubles Léon for Moving Day


Matching Message to Medium

  • TAM-TAMTBWA and La grande guignolée des médias for The face of poverty is changing


  • Publicis Montreal and Super C for Zéro Compromis


Dominique Villeneuve, President and CEO of the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C), said she is very satisfied with the industry’s level of participation. “Compared to last year, 12% more agencies submitted 40% more cases in 74% more categories! That shows how much an agency values a CASSIES award, knowing that the judges’ standards are extremely high and that they only award cases having shown an outstanding effectiveness for their client. The winning cases were excellent examples of how much value a well-executed campaign can have for an organization.


Introduced this year, the Effectiveness Index ranks BBDO Toronto as the top agency for 2017.


The winning cases will be available in the “case library” section on and in the February/March edition of Strategy magazine.