CASSIES merge with global EFFIE Awards program

CASSIES merge with global EFFIE Awards program


A2C and ICA are proud to be partnering with EFFIE WORLDWIDE to launch EFFIE CANADA, a new awards program to recognize communication & advertising effectiveness.


The creation of EFFIE CANADA marks the evolution of the CASSIES Awards, which have honored marketing ROI in Canada since 1993. Merging with the global EFFIE Awards program, the CASSIES transform into part of an internationally recognized & celebrated competition that will put Canadian agencies & brands onto the world stage in a bigger & better way.



As part of the new partnership, the NORTH AMERICAN EFFIE will become EFFIE CANADA and EFFIE UNITED STATES, expanding the opportunities for effective marketers across the region to participate. The move allows Effie to root deeply in Canada & expand its reach to more marketers across the country. Both EFFIE CANADA & EFFIE UNITED STATES will simultaneously launch & kick off the 2019 call- for-entries cycle this fall.


Greater local engagement with the US and Canadian marketers will add a new dimension to the North American regional rankings in Global Effie Index & provide additional opportunities for learning via more juries, more case studies, & an expanded forum of North American marketers. Notably, the Effie Index will allow Canadian agencies & brands to rank themselves nationally, continentally & globally.


EFFIE CANADA joins the EFFIE NETWORK as  its  50th program.


The ICA, located in  Toronto, with support from the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C) in Quebec, will run EFFIE CANADA. EFFIE UNITED STATES will be organized by EFFIE WORLDWIDE, from their New York headquarters.


More information in the Press Release – CASSIES merge with Global EFFIE Awards Program