New collective agreement reached for the production of advertising between APC and UDA

After protracted negotiations, the Joint Producers’ Association (APC) and the Union des artistes (UDA) have reached an agreement in principle for the production of advertising. The agreement both modernizes and amalgamates the TV-radio and Internet/New media collective agreements. The entire industry will benefit from fair conditions, flexibility in the use of different advertising formats, and an agreement better adapted to the development of Canadian media.

Despite the scope of the issues presented on both sides, made all more complex by the economic slowdown, the two negotiating committees worked hard to find the trade-offs needed to reach an agreement that would benefit the advertising production industry as a whole.

“This agreement is important for the entire advertising ecosystem, as it is the 2nd largest source of revenue for UDA artists. The modernization of the agreement will enable us to continue working collaboratively to not only keep but increase commercial production in Quebec, for the benefit of all. With the current media crisis, this agreement provides production stability for the entire industry,” says Dominique Villeneuve, President and CEO of the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C)

“After years of negotiations and difficult discussions, we are proud of the work accomplished. It was through the determination of the parties in tackling the issue of modernizing and simplifying the agreement that resulted in the flexibility and principles needed to maintain a healthy advertising ecosystem in Quebec,” adds Patrick Hotte, Vice-President, Quebec, Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA).

The agreement will take effect within four months. Training sessions will be held in 2024 to explain the details of the new agreement.