The A2C is lauching a new platform to measure the performance of communication initiatives

“Your communication isn’t worth much if it doesn’t lead to results”


The A2C has launched a new platform promoting performance measurement of communication initiatives. This tool, designed for agencies and their clients, highlights the importance of relying on the right methods to set objectives and measure the performance of communication initiatives. It also serves as the foundation for positive and efficient discussions on the subject.


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“Business results have always been at the heart of the client-agency relationship. Now more than ever, we need to refine our joint ability to better understand, assess, and communicate the return on investment of our initiatives to show how we contribute to the profitability and growth of our clients. This is a necessary endeavour to better face growing competition. Experience proves that those who view marketing communication as an investment rather than an expense are more successful,” said François Lacoursière, Chair of the Board of Directors of the A2C and CMO, Senior Partner at Sid Lee.


The content of the platform was developed in collaboration with various experts from A2C members, written by Anne-Marie Castonguay, VP Performance and Data Management and Partner at Sid Lee, and Jean-François Bourdeau, Marketing Science Director at Omnicom Group.

A baseline for performance metrics

This new platform was created to be a starting point for performance metrics and is a complement for the methods already developed by each agency to measure the performance of their initiatives.


“This basic tool aims to foster discussions between the agency and their client about performance. Even though there are numerous sophisticated tools that already exist, very few contribute to the enhancement of the relationship between business partners, the need to share goals and the opportunities to improve approaches,” said Joanne Nantel, Acting President and CEO of the A2C.

The platform is divided into two sections:

  • A section reserved for A2C agency members, including a grid with filters that allows the user to select the performance indicators that are relevant to their business goals, type of results, type of media, and an exhaustive lexicon of the terminology related to performance metrics.
  • A public section that provides a tool to help diagnose ones’ performance practices.