Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The business world is rapidly changing and evolving. To recruit and retain top talent, it is essential to promote inclusive and supportive practices, business culture and work environment for your team.


You will find various tools and resources below to help you along the way.

Internal process

After a few roundtable discussions and activities last fall, A2C has developed a plan of action. Another step was taken towards ensuring everyone’s inclusion by implementing A2C’s EDI policy. This policy was adopted unanimously by the board of directors who are committed to supporting the growth of its members and embodying the association’s values and culture.

EDI policy

Our EDI policy is our commitment to maintaining an inclusive culture by adopting practices that help us build and manage interpersonal relationships in our communications, the services offered to our members as well as our interactions with partners and providers.


We invite you to read our policy (available in French only).


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy 


EDI policy template

The Association also encourages its members to implement their own EDI policy. To do so, a EDI policy template is available via the Member Access.


Online resources 


Training and conferences 


Coaching and organizational transformation



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