Driven by a common passion to contribute to the development of the marketing communications industry in Quebec and to support the companies who operate in this sector, our team members are available to answer your questions.
Noémie Bédard

Dominique Villeneuve

Présidente-directrice générale

Throughout the various initiatives she oversees, Dominique Villeneuve strives to sustain an environment that promotes the success of its members and supports the vitality of the communications industry in Quebec. She is also a member of numerous boards and committees, including Advertising Standards Canada’s board of directors, Factry’s board of directors (Montreal’s school of science and creativity), and the Canadian council for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Noémie Bédard

Isabel Poirier, LL.M., D.D.N.

Directrice, affaires corporatives et juridiques

Notary and legal advisor, Isabel is in charge of various projects related to advocacy for members, research, content creation and continuous training. She is co-responsible for working relations with the Union des artistes in the context of collective agreements for the production of commercial advertising. She also advises clients on the implementation of best practices in their agency selection process. She is also member of the board of directors of the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC). In addition, she holds a Master of Laws degree (Information Technology Law - protection of personal information and privacy) from the University of Montreal.

Noémie Bédard

Mireille Forest

Responsable, événements et projets spéciaux

Mireille is responsible for the organization of the Idéa Awards and A2C's flagship events, such as Atelier de maîtreImmédiaSommet des dirigeants and the Hall of Fame. She also manages the various activities aimed at reaching the next generation of professionals and students, notably the Agency Open House and Concours Relève.

Noémie Bédard

Nathalie Bourboulon

Coordonnatrice, services aux membres

Nathalie ensures communication and coordination between the member agencies and the A2C, she also takes care of the invoicing and renewal of subscriptions.

Noémie Bédard

Noémie Bédard

Coordonnatrice, marketing et événementiel

Noémie actively contributes to the development and implementation of A2C's marketing strategies, as well as the organization of its signature events, such as Immédia, the Sommet des, the Hall of Fame, the Agency Open house day and the Idéa Awards. She ensures efficient and transparent coordination with service providers, while also being responsible for maintaining the Association's brand image.

Noémie Bédard

Talia Landry

Adjointe à la coordination

Talia is responsible for the daily monitoring of calls for tender and for supporting the team in certain projects. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in marketing communications (UQAM), and has a DEC in paralegal techniques (Séminaire de Sherbrooke).