Driven by a shared passion to contribute to the development of Quebec’s strategic and creative communications industry and the companies that operate within it, our team members are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.
Noémie Bédard

Brigitte Doucet

Interim General Manager

Brigitte has been with A2C for four months as Director, Strategic Projects, and will act as interim general manager until the next CEO is appointed.

Noémie Bédard

Mireille Forest

Director, Events and Special Projects

Mireille is responsible for the organization of the Idéa Awards and A2C's flagship events, such as Atelier de maîtreImmédiaSommet des dirigeants and the Hall of Fame. She also manages the various activities aimed at reaching the next generation of professionals and students, notably the Agency Open House and Concours Relève.

Noémie Bédard

Adam Rachidi Alaoui

Advisor, Communications and Public Relations

Adam plays an essential role in promoting the positions and initiatives of the A2C. Being responsible for its communications strategy, he coordinates public relations initiatives with in-depth expertise. He is also responsible for drafting various communication tools, which includes the overview of the year magazine, and relations with the media. Using his communication skills, he also prepares key messages and answers to frequently asked questions, ensuring consistent and effective communication with the A2C stakeholders. His commitment and creativity make Adam a valuable asset to the team, and his contribution is essential to the success and influence of the Association and its members.

Noémie Bédard

Noémie Bédard

Coordinator, Marketing and Events

Noémie actively contributes to the development and implementation of A2C's marketing strategies, as well as the organization of its signature events, such as Immédia, the Sommet des, the Hall of Fame, the Agency Open house day and the Idéa Awards. She ensures efficient and transparent coordination with service providers, while also being responsible for maintaining the Association's brand image.

Noémie Bédard

Perla Molina

Office Coordinator

Perla handles communication and coordination with member agencies and A2C training partners. Additionally, she is responsible for billing and renewing annual memberships. With two college degrees, including one in Office Technology, Micro-Publishing, and Hypermedia, Perla also has five years of experience in administration. Known for her kindness, thoroughness, and innovative ability, she actively supports the A2C team in project execution.

Noémie Bédard

Kiarha Haddad

Assistant Coordinator

Kiarha is a 3rd year student in the Bachelor's program in Communications, and is responsible for the daily monitoring of calls for tender for A2C member agencies. In addition, she supports the rest of the team in their many tasks and projects, making an active contribution to the Association.