A Four-Step Process

If, after weighing the pros and cons of an eventual agency change, you want to begin a selection process, we have the process you need, whether you want it to be by invitation or open to everyone.


The A2C has put together a simple and efficient selection process that is competitive, fair and excludes speculative work (see the About speculative work section for more information). This process is based on the advice of renowned professionals from Quebec’s marketing and communications industry, as well as best practices recognized in Canada and abroad. Our goal is simple: to help you make the right choice that will meet your specific needs while building the foundation for a mutually beneficial long-term client-agency relationship.

Change, maintain the status quo or change the status quo?

A call for tenders requires a lot of time and money, both for you and the agencies involved. If you’re already working with an agency, keeping your current partner might be more productive for your business. Check out the Changing Agencies? section before you make a decision.


2. Writing and sending out your call for tenders

3. Making your selection

4. Getting off to a good start with your new agency