Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions regarding request  for proposals –also known as an “RFP” or “requests for tenders”– have been compiled here in order to provide answers. Choosing the right business partner is a crucial step for an advertiser, and has to be managed through the proper selection process.


For more information on agency selection processes, please consult the Agency Selection Guide, which will provide you with guidance through all of the steps involved in selecting an agency in the best possible manner.



Why develop an Agency Selection Guide?

Do I have to launch a request for proposals?

Does the same process apply to media, sales promotion or digital agencies?

Does the same process apply to small projects?

Does the same process apply to small projects?

How many agencies shall I invite to bid?

How long should a selection process take?

Do I have to pay agencies during the selection process?

May I get help from professionals for this process?