Agency selection


Agency Selection Guide for Advertisers and Agencies


Find the right agency for your business needs with this exclusive tool developed by the A2C. It describes an in-depth step-by-step process and offers an array of tips. Download

Model of request for proposals

Start with a good foundation to produce your next request for proposals to select an agency. Download

List of a Company’s Potential Communications Needs

Define your needs in a request for proposals with the help of this exhaustive list (Annex I of the Agency Selection Guide). Download

Selection Process Evaluation Grid

Use relevant and objective criteria to evaluate bidding agencies (Annex II of the Agency Selection Guide) with the help of our Evaluation Grid. Download


Example of a Solicitation Letter for a Request for Proposals

Want to issue a request for proposals? Use our template to help you summarize the key elements of your request for proposals. By using our example, interested agencies will be able to quickly understand your mandate and you’ll get more responses. (Annex IV of Agency Selection Guide) Download


Client-agency relationship


Come Together

This guide will help you increase the value of the client-agency relationship that is at the heart of a productive business partnership. Download

The Client’s Brief

Creating the perfect brief can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide describing the best practices for a communications agency brief. Start off on the right foot! Download


Magic and Logic

Marketing services, in tandem with procurement professionals, must get the most out of their client-agency relationship. Agencies for their part must make sure they remain profitable and sustainable businesses. See how to redefine sustainable business practices so they are in line with every key player’s goals. Download


For personalized advice about the client-agency relationship or about the selection process, contact our team.