That’s Agency Life : The A2C launches a campaign to woo the next generation

Montreal, February 4, 2022 Today, the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C) launches That’s Agency Life”, a campaign to generate excitement within the next generation of communicators around career opportunities in the industry, and ultimately attract a whole new pool of talent to the business. The campaign revolves around a series of video clips presenting the incredible, yet true stories of professionals specializing in different spheres of the industry. These videos will be released throughout the month of February on the platform. 


This campaign is the product of careful deliberation on the future of the industry and the labour issues it faces, and stems from a 2021 A2C study for which its member agencies’ employees and leaders were polled. The study sheds light on the distinct, uniquely inspiring aspects that come with a career in the industry. Hence the campaign’s hook:That’s Agency Life.” 


The 14th edition of Agency Open House Day is the perfect opportunity to launch the campaign, as over 400 students will be touring some 40 agencies to get a closer look at what agency life is like. 


The fun, colourful campaign will be presented through a microsite, six video clips and web banners, primarily in local media. Through the illustrations of Vincent Hurtubise, the campaign showcases professionals from various disciplines talking about their unique realities working in the industry.  


You can watch the first two videos here. 


Attracting diverse talents to the industry 


This campaign is an opportunity for our industry to get out there and meet up-and-coming talents and have them discover the wide range of careers our industry offers,” says Dominique Villeneuve, President and CEO of the A2C. There’s a palpable passion, a je ne sais quoi that’s infectious when mingling with professionals in creative communications, and that’s precisely what we wanted to highlight to generate excitement about an agency career.” 


“Now more than ever, it is essential to put projects in motion that target our industry’s next generation. We need these creative and strategic minds. We need their diverse and unique points of view to take us to new heights,” says Louis Duchesne, A2C Board of Directors Chair and President, Quebec and East, at Cossette. “This campaign is more than an invitation to discover our reality; it’s a celebration of talent in all its forms.” 


This is just the beginning for the “That’s Agency Life” campaign. Other initiatives are in the works, including articles, public relations, an out-of-home campaign, participation in other student events and various partnerships at key moments throughout the year. 


A promotional campaign designed for and by the next generation  


Rethink was responsible for putting together this employer branding campaign for the industry. With its own young professionals having collaborated to the development of the visual identity and messaging, the campaign is a testament not only to the reality of the business, but also to the creative strength of its up-and-comers. 


It’s true for every agency right now: we’re witnessing a real labour crisis,” adds Geneviève Jannelle, Creative Director at Rethink. “At Rethink, we’re thrilled to have worked with the A2C to attract new humans to the business. “That’s Agency Life” is an ode to the unique character of our work environment. It’s a content campaign in which real professionals from the industry tell their incredible stories – ones that couldn’t have happened in any other field. I still find work fun and motivating after 18 years in the industry. Each day brings its lot of surprises, and there’s never a dull moment that’s what I want students to learn from these stories.” 


To maximize the impact of this campaign, Espace M developed a media strategy to reach out to Gen Z on their favourite platforms, while adhering to the principles of the Mouvement media d’ici, an initiative promoting local media placement, and they definitely rose to the challenge. 


Campaign partners and collaborators  

The A2C would like to thank its partners and collaborators for their help in this employer branding initiative: Rethink, Espace M, bicom, Vincent Hurtubise, Sud°Ouest, Circonflex, Quebecor Expertise Media and Bell Media. And special thanks go out to Acolyte for programming the web platform. 


About the A2C   


The A2C is the voice of over 80 agencies in Quebec of different sizes, configurations, and specialties, all with one thing in common: a commitment to creative communications. Its members generate more than 80% of the industry’s revenues in Quebec and contribute to the success of companies here and abroad. Our mission is to ensure vitality and excellence within the communications industry in Quebec. For more information, visit 


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