A2C Statement :The Online News Act and the power of advertisers to support Canadian media

Bill C-18 (Online News Act) passed by the federal government in late June aims to force web giants to compensate Canadian news media for sharing their articles. This is an invitation to recognize the value of their work and addresses the issue of financing local media, which have been adversely affected by the shift of advertising investments to digital and social platforms.


The Association of Creative Communication Agencies (A2C) believes that it is more important than ever to support local media in order to ensure the preservation of essential content that informs us, nourishes our democracy, and our culture. That is why the A2C is requesting a good-faith negotiation to take place in the context of the recent adoption of the Online News Act, with the aim of reaching an agreement that would maintain the accessibility of local media content to the widest audience possible while promoting its funding.


The importance of social media as the main source of access to information makes the situation critical. According to the Digital Transformation Academy of Université Laval, 42% of Quebec adults identify social networks as the most used source of information to keep up to date with news and current affairs.


The announcement of Meta’s (Facebook and Instagram’s parent company) intention to block Canadian news from its platforms will restrict access to quality journalistic content. Faced with this threat to our media ecosystem, every advertiser has the power to support the local media that are struggling to ensure their survival and are providing high-quality information to all Canadians.


“We cannot remain silent and inactive in the face of the current situation. The Canadian media  have already shown their effectiveness and it is time to extend our support. This is why we are launching the “I support the Mouvement média d’ici” pledge, which represents a promise by advertisers to invest more in local media”, says Dominique Villeneuve, President and CEO of the A2C.


The Mouvement média d’ici, launched in May 2020, recommends increasing the share of digital advertising investments to at least 25% in Canadian media. It is a starting point that can be further enhanced, considering the proven efficiency of local media. Moreover, media agencies that are members of A2C are excellent strategic partners in identifying various options and alternative solutions to achieve business objectives while advocating for a sustainable and responsible media ecosystem. 

Together, we can make a difference. Concrete actions must be taken quickly to support quality journalistic content and our Canadian media. Join the Mouvement média d’ici by signing the pledge available at a2c.quebec.     Pledge “I support the Mouvement média d’ici”   If you are a company or organization that :

  • Already invests more than 25% of its digital media budget in Canadian media


  • Is committed to evaluating options and alternatives to increase its digital investment in Canadian media (local and regional) with the objective of reaching or surpassing the 25% target


  • Be an agency that proposes responsible media plans or marketing initiatives with the objective of reaching or surpassing the 25% target for digital media investment in Canadian media.

I support the Mouvement média d’ici   The list will be published shortly.  

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