Overview of the Industry

An industry undergoing significant changes that has contributed to Quebec’s economic prosperity.


In November 2015, the A2C, in collaboration with the Association québécoise des producteurs de films publicitaires (AQPFP), revealed the results of an economic study on the state of the marketing and communications industry in Quebec. The study was conducted by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

Key facts about the marketing and communications industry

1. Multidisciplinary jobs

  • More than 10,000 jobs generated by the industry

2. Highly-skilled workers in agencies

  • 57% women
  • 43% men
  • 67%: Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • $72,319 average salary

3. Contributes to culture

  • With more than 3,500 artists hired in 2013-2014, the industry is their 2nd source of income.
  • More than $50 million to artists and craftsmen (directors, image and sound technicians, other freelancers)

4. Business partner for local companies

  • 76% of agencies’ gross income comes from clients in Quebec1

5. Involved in the community

  • An industry that voluntarily supports causes and organizations1
  • Average annual contributions:

– $110,800 per agency

– $348,375 per production company

6. Strong presence of global networks

  • ¾ of the world’s largest networks are present in Quebec

7. Rise of digital media

  • Change in advertising investments per media in Quebec between 2012 and 20142

+ 21.5%: Digital

+ 9.8%: Signage

+ 2.4%: Radio

-16.1%: Magazines

-14.4%: Dailies

-7.5%: Television

8. Economic benefits

  • GDP of $783.2 billion

9. A market worth $5.9 billion

  • $2.85 billion: media investment
  • $3.1 billion: non-media investment


This data comes from the Economic study on the state of the communications and marketing industry in Quebec (in French only) carried out by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (2015).


Note 1:  Data based solely on answers from those surveyed for the economic study

Note 2:  Media investment in Quebec (francophone market only)