Careers in Agencies

Interested in the agency world? Here’s some useful information that can help you learn about the communications industry and its career opportunities.

Define your profile

The creative department isn’t the only place where you can build your career! There are as many different opportunities available in agencies as there are interests and personalities..


  • Account Services : For those who are highly organized and able to build relationships and bring people together around projects that matter.
  • Strategy/Research : For those who are analytical and curious enough to explore all possible avenues when solving problems.
  • Media : For those who want to maximize reach using cutting-edge technologies and ever-evolving platforms.
  • Creative/Design : For artistic and inventive types who are able to constantly come up with innovative ideas and use a variety of channels to get the message across.
  • Influencer Marketing : For those who are always up on the latest social trends and can easily spot the perfect brand ambassadors.
  • Digital & IT : For thoughtful individuals who are passionate about new technologies and driven by the idea of a more connected world.
  • Public Relations : For those who are equal parts influential and tactful and have a flair for boosting the credibility and visibility of a brand.

To learn more about which disciplines may suit you best, tune in to Le monde de la comm. a series of virtual conferences hosted (in French) by professionals in various agency roles.

Sought-after skills

People who work in communications agencies are often described as being :


  • Curious
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Good listeners
  • Autonomous

Not sure what skills you need? Looking at job descriptions can give you a good idea of what’s required for certain positions.


Consult these communications industry job sites:


Reach out to mentors on the Academos platform

Want to have an intimate tête-à-tête with a marketing and communications agency professional? Head over to the A2C’s Academos page!


Available to anyone between the ages of 14 and 30, the Academos e-mentorship platform can put you in touch with people working in a variety of agency roles. They’re ready and willing to answer any questions you might have about the industry, so don’t miss out!


Explore the various agency profiles

An agency’s portfolio can speak volumes! Find out about their projects and initiatives and see if their work and vision speak to you.


And when considering an agency, don’t forget to think about things like its size, type of clients, services offered, international presence, etc.

Stand out!

  • Volunteer with industry-related organizations
  • Develop your own projects (if there’s one thing agencies love, it’s an entrepreneurial spirit!)
  • Expand your professional network by getting involved with A2C activities like Agency Open House Day

Classroom presentations

A2C is available to make presentations to high school, college and university students about agency life and career opportunities. Teachers, school administrators and guidance counsellors are encouraged to contact us to find out more!