Relève Communication and Relève Marketing Contests

Every year, the Concours Relève allow Bachelor’s students in communication, marketing, administration, advertising, or design to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired by working for real clients.


Following an agreement with the Réseau APCM, who was previously in charge of overseeing the contests, the A2C will be taking over the helm. These contests are a natural fit for the A2C and its mission of ensuring a strong next generation of workers suitably equipped for the labour market.





Promotional video – Relève Communication

Promotional video – Relève Marketing


2023 Winners

Relève Communication

Team Pomelo of ESG UQAM, in collaboration with la Faculté de communication de l’UQAM

Made of Aurélie Giroux, Samantha Blais, Naomi Coutu-Suryawan, Victoria Dussault, Gabriel Lebleu and Arthur Robitaille.

Relève Marketing 

Team Les Esprits Futuristes de la John Molson School of Business

Made of Mohammad Sabour, Adam Wloka, Briana Pirolli, Daniela Lopez, Simon Blais and Veronique Nadia Jean.